About SAME STEM CAMPS in 2017

For over 30 years, before STEM was being promoted, the Society of American Military Engineers has been advancing events and activities and offering scholarships designed to excite students to become engineers. SAME, in collaboration with the military services, offers a series of week long, STEM Engineering & Camps designed for High School students who excel in math, science and technology courses and are interested in pursuing engineering, architecture, or related fields in college. Each of our camps have their unique curriculum, with the common threads being: challenging environment, all activities are hand-on, young engineer mentors assigned to the teams and providing long term resources for alumni.

Submit the application with additional forms as required and  three “E-C Camp Recommendation Sheets” to:  Mr. Chi Zhang, LMP Director, STEM/E&C Camps

 Applications should be e-mailed to chi.zhang@navy.mil

         Questions: (847) 688-5395, extension 282


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