SAME National Webinars in August 2022

Electrifying Transportation on DoD InstallationsAugust 4, 2022, 1pm ET – This presentation focused on a holistic approach to installation electrification, looking at constituent mission interactions, equipment availability timelines, electric grid capacity, and grid upgrade timelines, and how these complex elements will play together in achieving a fully electrified fleet. Click here for more information.

TME Presents: Leading the Way in a Crisis EventAugust 9, 2022, 1pm ET – This webinar featured Capt. Jenee Jagoda, P.E., PMP, USAF, who was deployed to Al Udeid and was directly involved in the Afghanistan Noncombatant Evacuation Operation efforts as a member of the Emergency Operations Center. Click here for more information.

Which Engineering Specialty Is the Right Career Fit for You?August 16, 2022, 2pm ET – Learn more about the different engineering specialties, the nature of the work, industry employment trends, and tips on moving up the ranks. Click here for more information.

Leader Development COI: The Power of Y.O.U.August 18, 2022, 3pm ET – This SAME Leader Development webinar focused on three areas that directly impact your leadership acumen: Y – Your Values; O – Ownership of Behavior; and U – Understanding Others. Click here for more information.